Apple iPhone 6 on sale

Djuro Sen reports: City - PAN PEOPLE QUEUED OUTSIDE APPLE STORE (FOR NEW IPHONE 6S) AND POLICE / CROWDS GATHERED CHANTING COUNTDOWN TO DOORS OPENING - CHEERING / FIRST CUSTOMER LET INTO STORE / PEOPLE QUEUEING WITH UMBRELLAS / TRACKING SHOT CUSTOMERS QUEUED WITH UMBRELLAS / IV LINDSAY HANDMER First customer *Grab* / CU IPHONE 6S ON DISPLAY / HANDMER IV / SLANT LINDSAY + TABLET SCREEN ROBOT IN QUEUE - WITH 'VIRTUAL CUSTOMER' LUCY KELLY (ON SCREEN) - REPORTER TO 'Lucy .. the phone looks great on you .. you must be excited .. ' ON TABLET SCREEN IV LUCY KELLY Virtual Customer 'I'm very excited ha ha.' R: 'How's it going to get home from here?' 'I have a feeling we're just going wheel it' / PAN CUSTOMERS IN STORE ENTRANCE - RTC DJURO SEN (7 Technology Reporter) / OTHER IPHONE 6 QUEUES INTERSTATE / CU 'ROSE GOLD' IPHONE 6S / PAN KIDS WAVING TO DAD TAKING PHOTO WITH IPHONE 6S / CU PHOTO TAKEN (ON SCREEN) / IV JASON van GENDEREN Filmmaker '4k resolution - cinema resolution on an iphone it's amazing' / PEOPLE USING NEW IPHONE 6S - SOME ANON / IPHONE 6S ON DISPLAY / IPHONE 6S TAKEN OUT OF BOX / PAN EXTERIOR OPTUS TO EXT VODAFONE STORES / IV JOHN CHAMBERS Telstra 'The 64 gigabyte model's very popular .. you get 7 gigs with Telstra with some bonus data in there for 112 dollars.' / IPHONE 6S UNBOXED / INTERNAL OPTUS STORE / IV BEN WHITE Optus 'We're offering 8 gig for 80 bucks..' / IV REBECCA MURRAY Vodafone 'The 80 dollar red plan is our most popular and that has 8 gig of data' / PAN NEWS CAMERAMEN TO STAFF POSING FOR SELFIES


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