Shoal of Damselfish (Pomacentrus moluccensis) on Fragile Coral Reef Ecosystem Ocean Environment. Using the reef as protection from predators at Koh Haa Islands, Krabi, Andaman Sea, Thailand.

Coral reefs are the one of earths most complex ecosystems, containing over 800 species of corals and one million animal and plant species. Here we see a shallow coral reef consisting mainly of hard corals supporting shoals of Lemon Damselfish (Pomacentrus moluccensis) and Dascyllus (Dascyllus trimacultus). They are using the reef as a natural protection from predators. Its corals although on the whole healthy, are showing signs of distress. 75% of the worlds coral reefs are now classed as 'Threatened,' with 60% of most reefs having local damage from anchors, overfishing, coral bleaching, disease and pollution.


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