Mike Gibbons

San Francisco, CA United States

2011 Promo
Biografia: With his nomadic, adventure-seeking nature, open eyes and mind, and honest, intellectual songwriting, San Francisco native and international singer/songwriter Mike Gibbons has discovered a way to take us on his journeys and help inspire us to set off on our own.

His upcoming April 12, 2011 release Marigolds: The Bangkok Sessions was recorded in Thailand, where he spent five years in the 1980's as a child and returned in the fall of 2009 with his wife to spend one year living, writing, and recording. Their time there turned out to be Bangkok’s most intense and violent period of civil unrest in decades. While this certainly inspired several songs, much of Marigolds revolves around being a newlywed and the adjustments that accompany such personal transformation. Throughout, the cohesive, universal theme that emerges is one of revolution, be it personal or political. This third independent release was co-produced by former Columbia Records artist, Thai movie star and music producer, Jay Montonn Jira.

“I’m promiscuous as a musician,” says Gibbons, who prefers to follow a path much like Ryan Adams or Ben Harper, who have spent much of their careers collaborating with an array of instrumentalists to discover what’s out there and how their own music can grow. Gibbons has shared the stage with many established acts including Katie Herzig, Gregory Alan Isakov, Eric Hutchinson, Robert Francis, and Sharon Little. He is embarking on a US national tour this February in support of Marigolds, during which many more songs are sure to come to life.

To learn more, please visit www.mikegibbons.net
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