Lombard, IL United States

Géneros:Electrónica - Industrial, Alternative Pop, Especialidade - Música de trailer, Especialidade - Música promocional, Rock - Metal/Metal Alternativo, Rock - Rock alternativo, Rock - Pop alternativo
Biografia: A lush, melancholy swirl of reverb and feedback, thick guitars and swollen synth washes, FAWN attempts to recall the true heartache and swoon of the original shoe-gazer movement, with heavier production and a darker edge. Fawn is of the opinion that there is a void to be filled in this area, a place once ruled by the likes of Slowdive, Ride, The Verve and My Bloody Valentine. Where once walked underground legends of sorrow and reverberation, now only house radio-friendly imitators and a few daring
emo bands.

While painstakingly finishing their 2008 debut full-length album, FAWN released the “Frozen” EP as a limited edition small run of 300 hand-numbered copies for die-hard supporters waiting for the now-recently-released "Slumber Party Massacre".

You may think of a dozen ways to describe this dreamy, melancholy and heavy ride into heartache... we like to call it softcore.

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