Jonathan Still

Dallas, TX United States

Jonathan Still
Géneros:Infantis/Quirky, Audição fácil, Electrónica - Industrial, Electrónica - Electro, Electrónica - Big Beat, Electrónica - Ambiente, Hip-Hop - Pop/Moderno, Jazz - Jazz pop/Jazz ligeiro, Mundo - Europa Ocidental, Mundo - Espanhola, Mundo - Outros, Mundo - Médio Oriente, Mundo - Indiana, World - Ethnic Electronica, Mundo - Europa de Leste, Mundo - Celta, Mundo - Asiática - Continente, World - Asian Electronic, Mundo - Africana , País - Clássica, Pop Rock, Hip-Hop - Pop/Moderno, Alternative Pop, Especialidade - Música de trailer, Especialidade - Bandas sonoras alternativas, Especialidade - Música promocional, Especialidade - Polka, Especialidade - Drama humano/Emoções, Especialidade - Terror/Suspense, Especialidade - Cinematográfica, Especialidade - Natal/Festas, Especialidade - Americana/Western, Rock - Roots Rock, Rock - Punk/Pop-Punk , Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - Metal/Metal Alternativo, Rock - Rock alternativo, Rock - Pop alternativo , Música latina - Tropical
Biografia: Having garnered years of acclaim at major music production companies throughout Dallas, Jonathan has once again charted his own course by creating his own music and sound design shop, serving both local and national clients and campaigns.

Jonathan Still Music's services include original music tailored for any broadcast medium, as well as sound design, composing, scoring, and custom music for any application.

So whether the project is a 30 second advertisement, a 10 minute corporate video, a 40 minute documentary, a short film, or a feature film, Jonathan Still has the goods to take it to the emotional place it needs to convey your every intention.
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