Red Hook, NY United States

Géneros:Funk, Electrónica - House/Dance/Progressiva, Electronic - Pop, Electrónica - Electro, Pop - Electrónica, Alternative Pop, Pop - Contemporâneo para adultos, Especialidade - Bandas sonoras alternativas, Rock - Pop alternativo , R'n'B - Moderno/Contemporâneo urbano
Biografia: WhaleHawk is the sound collage art of SkinnyTallz AKA Jake Sanders. A lifetime student of music, Mr. Sanders has worked on over 25 studio albums as a session musician, producer, arranger, and composer. He has also worked in film scoring and has composed music for several movies. In addition to being dashingly handsome he is an enthusiast for all things contradictory. The name WhaleHawk demonstrates this enthusiasm along with the style of music which can be all of the genres at once while not being one of them twice.
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