Case Study: Creating Custom Content for Toyota

Our photographers took to the open road to capture the brand message of one of world’s most popular car manufacturers.

The Ask

Show us the freedom and joy of mobility. Taking to the open road brings new possibilities and adventure, and Toyota asked Getty Images’ community to share their interpretation—all in a Toyota.

The Solution

Getty Images worked with a vast community across the US to build an understanding of Toyota’s brand guidelines and execute photography optimized for Toyota’s Instagram feed. Getty Images’ photographers went to work, capturing authentic images of life on the road and utilizing a variety of models, as well as an assortment of Toyota makes and models from the last couple of decades. With Toyotas from the ‘80s and ‘90s experiencing a surge in popularity, our savvy contributors capitalized on this trend, to Toyota’s benefit. Images in use on social media saw almost double the engagement versus average—amazing ROI for this campaign.