Researching The Imperial Tomb Of Emperor Tenchi In Kyoto

KYOTO, JAPAN - FEB. 20: On the 20th, archaeologists from the Japanese Archaeological Association and researchers from historical research groups entered Gobyono Kofun -- late 7th century -- which is managed by the Imperial Household Agency, in Yamashina Ward, Kyoto to survey the grave mound and observe its features. It had previously been believed to be of the joen-kaho-fun type in which a circular mound is built on top of a square platform, but it has been determined that the circular mound was in fact octagonal. According to the Journal of the Archives and Mausolea Department published by the Imperial Household Agency, the sides of the square platform are more than 70 meters long. At the top of the mound, hewn stones were arranged in an octagon, and there many stones believed to be slates and facing stones on the slope and at the foot. At the south end of the grave mound is a large rectangular stone -- 3 meters east to west, 2 meters north to south -- which academics believe to have been used as a ritual facility or to seal the path to the tomb after the burial. Octagonal mounds are most common in imperial tombs from the 7th century onward, and Dannozuka Kofun --Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture, early 7th century -- which has been specified as the tomb of Emperor Jomei, father of Emperor Tenchi, is also constructed of an octagonal grave mound on top of a square platform. Though there are many cases in academia of ongoing disputes over who is buried in the imperial tombs, based on the shape of the grave mounds and documents, it is believed that there is a high probability that Emperor Tenchi is buried in Gobyono Kofun and Emperor Jomei is buried in Dannozuka Kofun.


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